Bloodline Overview

Foundation broodmares at Silver Eagle Arabians represent the elite of Polish bloodlines, some of which are becoming harder and harder to find. We take great pride in presenting our mares. Few in number, but high in quality, they are representative of the finest broodmare stock you will find even by walking the pastures in Poland!

Family of  Woloszka 1810 Slawuta Stud

FIFINELLA *Probat x *Hacjenda by Banat 1988 Chestnut Mare
HULANKA *Efort x Fifinella by *Probat 1995 Grey Mare
HENNAH Wojslaw x Fifinella by *Probat 1997 Bay Mare
FINEZJA *Etyk x Fifinella by *Probat 2003 Grey Mare
FILIMONA     Monopolii x Fifinella by *Probat   2010 Bay Mare


FIFINELLA     1988 Chestnut Mare  

Probat x Hacjenda by Banat

One look at her pedigree and you recognize quality. One look at her and you see it. Fifinella is an outstanding daughter of Probat, imported from Sweden into Poland to reintroduce the Comet sire line. Probat, sire of Polish, European, World and US Champions, was an amazing success for the Polish breeding program, endowing his aristocratic quality, elegant scope, length of neck, huge liquid eyes, smooth coupling and tenacious athletic ability to dozens of international champions.

*Hacjenda, dam of Fifinella, will always be remembered for being the high-selling mare at the 1980 Polish Ovation Sale in Scottsdale when she sold to Zekan Arabians for $600,000. A rare daughter of Polish chief sire Banat, Hacjenda was out of the incredibly beautiful Negatiw daughter Harmonia, imported to the USA by Ventura Farms as an aged broodmare. This very valuable dam line traces to Arfa, full sister to the immortal *Bask and the precious dam line of Balalaika. Although more widely known for producing superb show horses, the dam line was also a very prolific race line as evidenced by Polish Oaks winner Harfa.
Fifinella is a champion halter mare and the Queen of Silver Eagle. Foals sold by Silver Eagle include HAWANNA by *Efort; FAJCITA by *Europejczyk and FARYS by *Europejczyk (Champion Hunter). Fifinella daughters retained by Silver Eagle include HULANKA by *Efort, herself an excellent producer; HENNAH by *Wojslaw, supreme broodmare; FINEZJAA by *Etyk, ready to start her performance or breeding career; and  3 year old FILIMONA by Monopolii, a stunning bay with four white socks who inherited her sire's signature trot.

HULANKA     1995 Grey Mare

*Efort by Palas x Fifinella by Probat

Hulanka, which means “party girl” in Polish is an outstanding representative of the Palas/Probat cross. She typifies the classic Palas daughter with her extreme type, cocky attitude, strong movement and high tail carriage. Her 2007 chestnut colt, HUBAL, exotic and flashy, has been sold. Her grey 2010 colt by Monopolii, HULAK, promises to be an outstanding show horse with his cocky attitude and floating trot and was sold to a Canadian breeder in 2012.






HENNAH  1997 Bay Mare 

Wojslaw x Fifinella by Probat

Hennah is a tall, leggy daughter of Polish National Champion and sire of champions, Wojslaw. Wojslaw, recently deceased, was an international sire of significance whose get have consistently inherited his superior build, balance, substance, strength and quality. He is a sire of racing legends as well as superior show horses including Polish National Champion and US National Champion Halter and English Pleasure stallion, Emanor. Hennah has an extreme neck, huge eyes and excellent Kuhailan expression. Dam of three foals - HERAT, by *Efort (sold); HELENAH by *Etyk (sold); and HEVELIUS, *Efort’s last son (sold). Her 2010 bay colt by Heir to Glory, HELIOS SEA is tall, exotic and has an exceptional disposition.
Hennah produced a stunning chestnut filly in May of 2013 by Monopolii. This filly was Monopolii's last foal.




FAMILY OF GAZELLA, imp. 1845 to Jarczowce

*ASMARA PASB        *Penitent x Arteria, by *Probat    1985 Grey Mare 
AFORIA    *Efort x *Asmara, by Penitent    1992 Grey Mare 
AFRODYTA     *Etyk x Aforia, by *Effort      2003 Grey Mare 
ARTIMA     *Efort x *Asmara, by *Penitent             2003 Grey Mare 
ASHMARR     *Etyk x *Asmara, by *Penitent            

 2005 Grey Gelding

 AFSAAR                   Legion VF x Aforia by *Efort                  2009 Grey Colt

ASMARA PASB  1985 Grey Mare     

Penitent x Arteria, by Probat          

Asmara was the first mare Silver Eagle imported from Poland. She is a daughter of Polish National Champion *Penitent, sold to the US for $375,000. Penitent is the sire of US National Champion Mare Kalwakada and European Champion Stallion Eldon, sire of *Etyk. Her dam line is well-known for beauty – her grand dam Artemida was Polish reserve National Champion mare. This prestigious dam line traces to Ofirka, also known for racing ability. Asmara is a mare of elegant and feminine Saklawi type and beauty with a beautiful dished head, large, dark eye, and swan neck. She has been an outstanding producer for us. Among her foals sold are ARSENALL by *Efort (Parelli Level 2 horse); ARMOR by *Efort; ARKHAN by Emanor. Retained for breeding by Silver Eagle Arabians is her daughter AFORIA by *Efort, an outstanding broodmare. Asmara's last foal, ASHMAAR by *Etyk, is currently in English Pleasure training and has Class A capabilites. He is offered for sale. He inherited his dam's extreme beauty and disposition as well as his sire's powerful movement. Asmara passed away in 2010. Read our memorial tribute to her here.





AFORIA     1992 Grey Mare                

*Efort x Asmara PASB by *Penitent 

Aforia, first foal of *Efort, is an exceptional broodmare who puts size and pencil-thin necks on every foal. Strong, balanced, athletic, and typey, she moves powerfully from the hocks. Aforia has excellent legs and a deep strong hip. Every foal has been outstanding and includes AMMANT (hunter/jumper champion, sold); by *Edykt; ADORIAA, by *Europejczyk, (sold); and
AFRODYTA, by *Etyk, retained by Silver Eagle. Her 2009 son, AFSAAR, sired by the Bandos son Legion VF, exemplifies the proven "Diamond Cross" of Bandos and Palas. AFSAAR exhibits superb type with a long neck, big expressive eyes, and correct conformation. Both Aforia and  Afsaar were sold in 2012.




AFRODYTA       2003 Grey Mare       

*Etyk x Aforia by *Efort       

This mare truly is a goddess!! Tall, long legged, with a swan neck, dep hip, excellent type and expression, Afrodyta has been started as a hunter and shows promise as show horse in this division. Sweet natured and smart, Afrodyta was sold in 2012. Two weeks after arriving in her new home, Afrodyta carried her new owner to a second place ribbon in a cross-country hunt event.












ARTIMA     2003 Grey Mare               

*Efort x Asmara by *Penitent

*Efort’s last daughter, Artima, is a full sister to Aforia. While smaller in size than her older sister, Artima makes up for a little less height through a lot more type. Artima exemplifies the classic Palas daughter look with an exotic head, expressive eye and mile-long neck. Artima was sold in 2012. Three weeks after arrving in her new home, she was under saddle and on trails.


FAMILY OF MLECHA, imported 1845 to Jarczowce

*SIERRA NEVADA    *Aloes x Siena, by Banat          1985 Grey Mare 
SERRENADA    *Efort x *Sierra Nevada, by *Aloes     1997 Grey Mare

*SIERRA NEVADA     1985 Grey Mare

*Aloes x Siena by Banat      

*Sierra Nevada was purchased at the Polish Prestige Sale in 1991 and imported to the US. She left Poland with an enviable race record of 2/15 (1-2-2-3). Sired by *Aloes, “King of Kuhailans” who sold for $375,000 to the US, Sierra Nevada represents the Kuhailan Haifa sire line, noted sire line of *Bask, *El Paso, Negatraz, Monogramm, and Poland’s Ekstern.
Siena, dam of Sierra Nevada was sold to the Middle East for $61,000 due to the rarity of her blood. Sired by the Bandola son Banat, Siena herself was out of Simone, full sister to racing sire *Sambor. The tail female line tracing to Sabellina, the most prepotent Polish racing dam line, is hard to find now. Males with this tail female line are highly sought after by astute breeders of Arabian racehorses.
*Sierra Nevada is a powerful, athletic flea-bitten grey mare with a typical Polish Kuhailan profile and long neck. She has huge dark eyes, extreme width of forehead and resembles the famous mare Bandola. Among her foals sold are SEZAM by *Efort and the bay SENATT by *Etyk.Her daughter by *Efort, SERRENADA has been an excellent broodmare for Silver Eagle. 


SERRENADA      1997 Grey Mare      

*Efort x *Sierra Nevada by *Aloes     

What happens when you cross the beauty of Palas onto a Polish Kuhailan mare? You get the best of both worlds!
Serrenada is an outstanding flea-bitten grey daughter of the Palas son, *Efort. From her sire she received a beautiful dry, dished head, high tail carriage and showy presence. From her dam, she received strong correct conformation, long, thin neck, huge dark eyes set on a wide forehead, and unbelievable drive off the hocks. Serrenada has enough fire for an English horse, yet served as a 4-H horse for a young girl who worked at our farm. She has produced SENTARR by *etyk (sold) and an outstanding 2010 colt SELAVI (pronounced Say-La-Vee) sired by US Reserve National Champion Park and Pleasure Driving horse PS AFire Chief. Selavi is offered for sale. Serrenada was sold and is now a champion companion for a young rider.


FAMILY OF KRUCICA, 1929  Janow Podlaski

FA AFIRE'S FLAME    1995 Black Bay Mare

Afire Bey V x Perris by Triton

This valuable dam line is represented by FA Afire's Flame, an exotic black mare who traces in female line to the prized Mammona. Her pure Polish dam line of Mammona comes through the Swedish import Madeira. Flame's contribution to our program include truly exotic head, huge black bulging eye, long neck, black color with four white socks, an outstanding temperament, fertility and excellent mothering abilities. Here 2010 black bay colt by Monopolii, MONOPOLL, is of the highest quality. He is a colt who carries the blood of Mammona through his sire (full brother of Monogramm) and dam. Flame produced a stunning black grey colt by *Etyk - probably our finest colt to date. He is leggy, stretchy, with an incredibly long, well-set neck, huge eyes and overall refinement.